Aries with Aries

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Aries with Aries
If one person will submit to the other "to rule the roost'" there should be much compatibility between two persons born in the fire sign. Though there is a lack of contrasting personalities, there will be a sympathetic understanding on both parties regarding the qualities and shortcoming of the other. It would seldom be a peaceful or quiet relationship with the exception that Aries likes to rest his/her batteries in solitude from time to time. Hopefully both would choose the same time.

However, a note of warning should be sounded here. If both Ariens have dominant and forceful aspects in their horoscopes, conflict will arise as both partners desire to be head of the household and family.

As there are many instances of these two going the distance for life, but a divorce can be rather violent and heart breaking, this should be considered. The possible court battle could be legendary! With high risk there can be high reward though, and if these two do it just right, their relationship will be the most exciting adventure in their life.

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