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Aries with Capricorn

Not a hopeful combination. Saturn, represented by Father Time, is the Capricorn standard bearer. Thus, Capricorns are usually very patient. Capricorn are traditionally laid back and easy going. Ariens are too impatient to cope with the slow, methodical plodding of the Capricorn nature. The Capricorn goat will butt up against the Martian will and an impasse is bound to occur. In the matter of sex there is an affinity; however, their inherent personalities clash.

Here we see the combination of a fire sign with an earth sign. Aries is a fiery in nature while Capricorn is more down to earth, cautious and reserved. Aries prefers to take action while Capricorn would rather plan and wait. Without a great deal of tolerance, there is not much hope for this union.

Capricorn Aries can work quite well if either of you is especially effective or rich, as that will take the sting out of the major points of friction. In the lack of excessive wealth or success though this can typically be a tough relationship to make work.Based on personalities you have nearly absolutely nothing in common with your Aries partner - you're very patient while your Aries certainly isn't. You both can be really ambitious, however with very different styles, and this can cause friction in lots of life locations. The most apparent one is careers if they are very important to both of you. You like to plan and make constant development, while your Aries prefers to act and have a fantastic concept on it fanatically - and then frequently discard it later for an even much better concept - an alien idea to numerous Capricorns! It's very likely you prefer to be employed by another person, while your Aries is highly likely to either be self-employed or to want they were. This match will probably make you resistant or fairly nervous. Cash is potentially going to be a problem, as your Aries often takes pleasure in costs it as it arrives, with little idea for tomorrow, while you're nearly guaranteed to want both some cost savings and a plan, in order to feel very safe about your monetary future. One area you are likely to agree on is the need for a sensible level of independence in the relationship. Neither of you likes to be controlled or informed about what to do.

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