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Aries with Scorpio

Since there is no room for two heads in one family, this combination is not an ideal match. With Mars dominating both signs it makes for very positive temperaments unless their are several benign natal planetary aspects. In simple terms, there are conditions which when meet in their natal chart, (a synastry will determine this) they may actually be a good match. This is rare however, because both are natural born leaders and we all know, only one can lead.

While Scorpio may adore the Aries from a sexual standpoint , their more mundane interests would be constantly at odds. Scorpio may also be intimidated by Aries leadership tendencies, and this may lead to some resentments.

Naturally, often, for some couples, Aries and Scorpio compatibility is successful.

Both signs are extremely enthusiastic in terms of getting what they desire, and when they choose to collaborate towards a common goal, they develop a stunning team. Under psychological pressure, this couple can break down fast. Scorpio will dig in, retreat and resort to psychological manipulation, while Aries will shriek, yell and create tantrums that dignified Scorpio will abhor. The relationship will be stressed by heavy, intense rows and a mentally destructive environment. If they try-- and they will attempt, each sign can harm the other really badly. Jealousy can also be an extremely real issue for both Aries and Scorpio. Compatibility under tension is hard to come by certainly for this partnership, and eventually, the drama will most likely become too much for Scorpio, who is likely to be the one calling an end to the video game. Possibly it works finest where the couple lives apart or are kept apart by their various careers for an extended amount of time.

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