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Capricorn with Pisces

A sympathetic and understanding mate will Capricorn find in Pisces, and the steady going temperament of Capricorn is just what Pisces needs for a sense of confidence and security. Sexual needs and social goals are compatible and very similar. One of the things that Pisces will admire about Capricorn is his very practical ways. With Capricorn learning that Pisces' dependence grows more with the years , this will fulfill Capricorn's desire to be needed. This combination seems to work very well.

This is a good combination with complimentary values. They will find comfort in one another providing Capricorn displays his/her emotions at least once in awhile.

Capricorn with Pisces troubles

When it does work well, this relationship will be relatively serene and calm, as Capricorn soaks up a few of that psychological intensity. When in love, this couple will nurture one another and create a perfectly supplied home. It's not the most instinctive match however, and Capricorn's propensity to end up being depressed can be unsafe when combined with Pisces' escapism - alcohol or drugs can be especially harmful to this couple. For Pisces, star sign compatibility is a safer bet with a somewhat more optimistic and positive sign than Capricorn.

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