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Cancer with Libra

Cancer is not temperamentally suited to cope with the freedom loving Libra. They could go for days of no recognition if they have a serious disagreement. Libra's great desire for attention may bring on a period of sulking depression that could create a highly controversial situation. Though Libra love's justice and fair play, cancer has a tendency to tale advantage of all of these quality for his own private use.

On the positive side though, they could make it. Ruled by the moon and Venus respectively, there is common ground here despite the fact that we have a water sign and an air. The sensitive cancer can rest assured that Libra is generally peace-loving and won't often stir things up. Libra is also love-loving as well and this should sit well with cancer. Libra will appreciate cancer's loyalty and generosity.

Cancer with Libra troubles

As soon as the Idealist and the Homemaker get together, subsequently, it could be very a bad-tempered game -- surprisingly so, provided that these two signs are usually kind and placid by nature. Their social life is going to be a reason for conflict, together with social Libra wanting to enjoy the high life and inject some fun to the connection, while home-loving Cancer only needs to play happy families in the home. For Libra and Cancer, compatibility is both unstable and evasive at best.

That's not to mention that this couple does not respect certain things about one another. It is not really enough, but to make long-term relationships between this bunch. That is the best sticking point because stability is vital for both Libra and Cancer to have a calm and joyful setting. There'll just be too many disagreements for either partner's comfort.

Since both Cancer and Libra are cardinal signs, they'll also be some power battles within this partnership. But neither is particularly forthright in the expression of their feelings, so there will not be lots of blatant tantrums. Instead, the threat is that repressed anger will destroy the relationship gradually. For Libra and Cancer compatibility to stand some chance, it is crucial that the couple learn how to manage issues and disagreements as, and if they arise, rather than entering a state of denial and enabling these items to fester. Far better for the two to be briefly, but temporarily mad than to possess both wind up resenting another, with much too many things left unsaid.

Cancer with Libra Conclusion

For Your Libra Idealist, this connection ultimately fails to meet its promise. Constantly trying to improve every thing, the Libra spouse might attempt to boost Cancer, and you may make certain the Homemaker will not take too kindly to this, and will dig into her or his heels and refuse to compromise. Both spouses will probably be more happy elsewhere, unless there are different components in their birth charts that help to balance out the issues outlined here. And lots and lots of authentic love.

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