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Cancer with Pisces

The sentimental combination of these two signs make for an ideal marriage. Although both will have their moments of gloom and doom, they will soon come out in the sunshine and forgive and forget. Lover's quarrels are frequent , but the making up is bliss . Both cherish home, possessions, and friends and there will be mutual effort to fulfill all obligations.

Water and water, emotion and emotion, intuition and intuition. Sorry for being redundant but these two are so much alike in nature that you'd have some difficulty telling them apart. They are both romantic, need to love and be loved and can probably communicate to each other without speaking or making facial gestures. In fact they probably didn't even read this because they already knew they were meant to be together.

Cancer with Pisces dangers

There's a small danger that Pisces will get hauled away to a dream world here since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusions. But, although Cancer is also a water sign, the Cancer spouse has an interior steel and shrewdness that will aid them ground Pisces only long enough to stop a crisis. There is no competitiveness in Cancer and Pisces compatibility, therefore this couple doesn't have to be worried about who is likely to be in charge.

Underpinned by empathy, compassion, and deep, deep feelings, this connection is one which can endure the test of time. For Cancer and Pisces compatibility to operate in its finest, but both spouses need to learn how to communicate more directly. They tend to sidestep issues rather than handling them which can be fine in the short term but cannot be sustained over a lifetime. As the cardinal sign, it'll be up to Cancer to take control and also to gently induce Pisces to encounter some issues. Otherwise, there's a danger when life gets rough, both Pisces and Cancer might wallow in depression and stress, possibly even resorting to unwanted escapism, drugs or drink.

At its finest, this gorgeous venture is sweet, tender, intimate, spiritual and empathetic. Pisces and Cancer compatibility is expressed better when the Dreamer and the Homemaker pool tools to help enhance life for somebody else.

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