Gemini with Gemini

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A compatible combination this should prove to be, at least both would understand each other's changeable nature. The sex demands and needs would be mutual. The ONLY exception would be if Scorpio was on the rise at either time of birth. The demands of Scorpio would prove too much for the perky Mercurial Gemini nature, since Gemini's approach to sex is spiritual while too puritanical for the Gemini-Scorpio rising male. This combination has potential for excellent partnerships where the principals are engaged in corresponding vocations, such as singer-composer, author-publisher, etc.

The gemini penchant for change and variety will keep this relationship hopping. Whether it produces a happiness or sadness depends on at least one of them paying attention, at least some of the time. Discussions will be lively, life will be restless and ever changing but then again they wouldn't have it any other way.

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