Gemini with Leo

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While Leo loves with his heart first, Gemini loves with his mind. This combination will soon find out that they are unsuited for each other. On the surface there is great mutual attraction for both signs. Both are naturally attracted to glamor, flattery and the world of good fellowship, both will have this in common. BUT after they return home from the party, the carefree , passionate Leo will surely clash with the unreasonable Gemini. Of course the Gemini will complain that the Leo love of nature is too material , possessive and demanding.

There is good reason to be optomistic about this pairing though, dispite the above, that is if Leo can understand that gemini won't always be around to give them the attention they thrive on. Gemini will need to understand Leo's need to run the world, but all in all this is a very good combination of air and fire.

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