Libra with Aquarius

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This could be a good combination for marriage. Aquarians have perfect affinities for librans. They both love beauty, society, and people , this helps to make this an ideal union. Possibility one of the few problems may be a misunderstanding because a Aquarius mate is unpredictable at times, and for no reason at all, may seek seclusion and refuse to communicate. In that event , the best thing to do would be to let them enjoy their solitude. They will soon revert to their lovable self, and all will be well if Libra doesn't insist on explanations.

Both of these signs are naturally friendly people, while libra is best at the one on one relationship, aquarius wants to love the world as well. There may not be monumental disagreements between these two but libra will need to understand the aquarian unpredictability.

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