Taurus with Sagittarius

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Taurus with Sagittarius
With the Taurean being possessive and the Sagittarien being freedom loving, the sagitarian may find this hard to cope with. Sagitarians are frank and generous, this trait being of a Jupiter influence can clash with Taurean jealousy. The Taurus who marries a Sagittarien will find that no amount of arguing or berating is going to change the reckless sagittarian.

These are two very different personality types, with like character traights. The more reserved Taurus and the outgoing Sagittarius both have an appreciation for the truth, while Sagittarius is less tactful about divulging it. Taurus will have difficulty with the sagittarian need to be on the go however and Sagittarius will not want to sit and admire things with taurus for too long With some understanding they can find harmony in their characters as long as they allow each other their personalities.

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