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September 11, 2001 8:45am EST

The Attack on The World Trade Center
What the stars had to say.

An Astrology Online Special Report

A date that will mark the end of an era, and live in all our memories for a lifetime.


First off, I would like to express my heart felt sympathy to all those who have lost someone in this tragic event. Secondly, I will be saying a prayer, not only for them but for all of us as we move forward into uncertain times.

Let me also say that I, like many other Americans, consider this attack a cowardly thing, of the lowest non-spiritual beings. This was pure evil.

I wish I could have warned the world about what was about to happen, and thus prevent it. Sadly, astrology is not that precise unless you specifically zero in on a target and date. This is something not likely anyone would have done for the WTC, simply because there was no reason.

Lets do a little hind sight. Lets draw up a precise, specific horoscope. I have done this using the location, and time that the first plane hit the first tower. Let us analyze:

First, lets determine the birthdate of the towers. Ground breaking for construction was on August 5th, 1966. Steel construction began in August 1968. First tenant occupancy of tower one, WTC was December, 1970, and occupancy of tower two WTC began in January 1972. Ribbon cutting was on April 4, 1973

For our purposes, we will consider 08/05/1966 as the conception we don't do birthcharts based on conception date for people, so we will not for this building either. I am assuming since the first tenant took residence in December of 1970 that, since most bills, and leases,start first of the month we can safely call 12/01/1970 the birthdate of the first tower.

The Birthdate for the second tower we use the same logic 01/01/1972 Since this is a business not a residential area, the birth time will be considered, naturally, 9am.

Data provided by http://www.greatbuildings.com/buildings/World_Trade_Center.html

Here are the birthchart wheels for each tower based on this data. CLICK TO ENLARGE

These don't really tell us a whole lot, they are rather typical. I find it striking how similar to the eye they appear even though their birth dates are radically different! I must make note here that this is not the typical way of formulating a horoscope for an event. I am not using the same method I use to do the daily horoscopes. The reason is because this is more focused. A much more personal, dead on approach.

Lets examine the transit horoscopes for each tower calculated for sept 11th 2001. This is using the same technique that is used for doing as transit horoscope for a person. As above, click the image to view a much larger image. I have optimized these files for you, so they should not take too long to download:

By the way, if any of you folks want to use these images for your own web site, feel free to grab them. Ok, lets look at this data and see if there was anything in the stars that might have given us a clue that this was going to happen. I found some very startling things! In fact, had I done a chart specifically aimed at the WTC based on Sept 11th, I would not have wanted to be in this location! Please understand as you read this that the odds of someone running a horoscope of this precision on an exact location and an exact date PRIOR to that date, for no particular reason is very slim. This is why nobody predicted this, including myself, because quite honestly, I had no reason at all to run a chart on a building, much less at a particular day!

Trade Center Towers Horoscope For September 11th 2001

Transit Sun in the 8th House
This transit is often marked by certain major changes or transformations. Feelings tend to be enhanced, and emotions tend to run high. If this were a person and not a building, I would advise them to take the day off. The eighth house is also the house of death, it is a window of death, and this is important when you consider that the strongest element, the sun, is involved. This does not always mean physical death, it could mean the death of a way of life, however in this case, it most certainly pointed to physical death. This one simple transit alone, had it been pre-known or ran up by an astrologer in advance, would have been enough to keep me and everyone I know away from the WTC on this date. It is this transit that inspired me to write this article for you.

Transit Sun in Trine with Radix Saturn
There is normally a greater sense of orderliness and discipline during this transit. This transit enhances work performance, so people are able to perform work that requires detailed concentration. Such serious attention, proficiency and conscientiousness was required in order for the terrorists to pull this off, and for Americans to be able to deal with it. Both the Sun and Saturn are associated with the father figure. This is not good when zealous extremists are involved, as this elevates the need to do something for God, even in the twisted mind.

Transit Moon in the 6th House
In a human being's horoscope this would indicate emotional instability. Since this was done for the WTC on 09/11, well... No further explanation of this transit is needed.

Transit Moon in Square with Radix Pluto
This is a transit that adds power to compulsive behavior. It also agitates the zealous, which would not have been a good thing for the terrorists as it might have broken their concentration. The compulsive nature of this transit may have been an aid to the people in the one plane that over-powered the highjackers, but I prefer to think that was due to bravery and patriotism.

So far above, we have listed and talked about the STRONGEST influences on this location for this structure. Most astrologers would agree, I believe, that this would have been a very dangerous and bad day at the WTC. Below are other influencing factors involved.

Transit Mercury in the 9th House
New experiences are typical energies of the ninth house. Big events are likely to occur under this influence. This is relatively neutral, so the events could be either good or bad. The key here is that the event will likely be big.

Transit Mercury in Square with Radix Moon
For a human this transit would make you somewhat moody and possibly say things without forethought. It would give rise to emotional instability. Sound familiar? You just read a similar influence above with the moon, but since this is in the horoscope ALSO, it serves to magnify the moons effect very significantly.

Transit Mercury in Conjunction with Radix Uranus
This is a time when logical and intuitive thoughts can combine. As such, people's minds ignites with original ideas. This will be quite useful if you are involved in scientific, engineering or mathematical work, quite dangerous when involved with terrorist work.

Transit Venus in the 8th House
This can induce several effects. One might be that any intimate relationship is either more passionate or intense. As you might have guessed, this too supports and strengthens the effects from the moon as listed above.

Transit Venus in Square with Radix Saturn
This aspect has a tendency to make people feel depressed and sad. Sometimes it foretells a sad day, or a beginning of an era of unhappiness. A very bad sign for relationships, and certainly a bad sign for this location and date.

Transit Mars in the 12th House
The transits of Mars are generally twice as long as those of the Sun. This embraces such facets as how we react, assert and bond with others. Mars is either an immature form of aggressive-physical energy (the mental processes of a terrorist), or a weak and nonresistant type of energy. (The passive nature of a business building). Transiting through the 12th house symbolizes an emergence of old negative feelings, a direct horoscope hit when you consider how sharply the old feelings we had for Bin Ladin were awakened by this bombing!

A special note about Jupiter.
Notice all the Jupiter effects on this date? There are four different aspects concerning Jupiter listed below. Jupiter effects certain social structures such as religion and the legal system. In fact, Jupiter deals with both man-made and natural laws. The main downside of Jupiter as a transit is that this energy can induce some form of chaos by an overindulgence with its beneficial energy. Hence, it can lead to fanatical zeal and a lack of discipline toward moralistic things.

Transit Jupiter in the 7th House
When this transit is present, the end result of problems occurring are usually positive. On the surface this would seem to be a strange thing to be in the horoscope, but it fits when you think about it more in-depth. It really points to the future, saying that things will come out for the best. Most likely indicating we will win our war against terrorism and bring the criminals to justice.

Transit Jupiter in Opposition with Radix Moon
This is a time when people's feelings of independence could be tested. Send a chill up your back? It did me when I saw this transit! This transit is present when someone is trying to steal your freedom, or enslave you in some way.

Transit Jupiter in Trine with Radix Venus
Travel and interactions with foreign people are likely, as are legal matters. Most new encounters or relationships that are initiated under this transit will be normally fulfilling, but not when the moon is unfavorably aspected, as is the case with this horoscope. This transit sometimes can be good and bad. But in this case the foreign encounter is definitely bad. When you read this transit as a stand-alone it does not seem so bad or interesting, but wow! When taken in context with the rest of the horoscope it sure does point to the incident rather dead on.

Transit Jupiter in Square with Radix Uranus
The effects of this transit could range from experiencing a lucky break to that of narrowly escaping from some disaster, depending upon whether your natal Uranus is well aspected or challenged. In this case it is challenged badly, altering this effect from narrowly escaping to not escaping at all. This transit indicates this day was certainly a time to exercise some caution or patience regarding eccentric and willful behavior.

Transit Saturn in the 6th House
Saturn in this house could be a test concerning work situations, judgment, analytical ability, health or ability to give of yourself to others. In this particular situation it points to health concerns. Natural planes flying into buildings are not very healthy things, but this points more to the fumes and noxious gases creating health hazards as a whole from the aftermath.

Transit Uranus in the 2nd House
This transit can influence changes in personal finance and personal values. Most likely this points to the negative effect this had on the stock markets, not just in the US but worldwide.

------End of horoscope------

In conclusion, looking back over this horoscope as a professional astrologer, it does definitely predict a very bad day at this location, but I must also point out that it does not specifically detail what is going to happen either. Whenever you read your own personal horoscope, and the day seems to have a lot of bad influences, it is wise to consider keeping a low key for that day. It is always better to be safe.

As a citizen of the United States, I urge everyone reading this around the world to do whatever they can do to help us in this time of tragedy. Please expose terrorists to the authorities whenever you discover them, and certainly refuse to aid them in any way.

If it is possible for you to give blood and help out, please do so. Here is a link that you should visit also:


Thank you everyone, and may God Bless us all!

Michael Thiessen

Author/Astrologer - astrology-online.com

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