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Leo The Lion

July 23 to August 22

Leo Traits

Generous and warmhearted
Creative and enthusiastic
Broad-minded and expansive
Faithful and loving

Leo On the dark side...

Pompous and patronizing
Bossy and interfering
Dogmatic and intolerant

Created by your Astrologer Michael Thiessen!

Leo! About Your Sign...

The Leo type is the most dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert of all the zodiacal characters. In grandeur of manner, splendor of bearing and magnanimity of personality, they are the monarch's among humans as the lion is king of beasts. They are ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident there is no such a word as doubt in their vocabularies, and they are self-controlled. Born leaders, either in support of, or in revolt against, the status quo. They are at their most effective when in a position of command, their personal magnetism and innate courtesy of mind bringing out the best of loyalty from subordinates. They are uncomplicated, knowing exactly what they want and using all their energies, creativeness and resolution to get it, as well as being certain that they will get whatever they are after. Their followers know where they are with Leonians. Leonians think and act bigger than others would normally dare; the ambitiousness of their schemes and idealism sometimes daunt their followers, their practical hardheadedness and ability to go straight to the heart of any problem reassures those who depend on them. If Leonians meet with setbacks they thrive on the adversity.

On the whole, sunsign Leo people are powers for good, for they are strongly idealistic, humane, and beneficent.

They have powerful intelligence and are of a broad philosophical, sometimes religious, turn of mind. Those who are devout may become very obstinate in upholding traditional beliefs and will cling tenaciously, but with complete sincerity, to practices and doctrines which liberal thinkers regard as absurdly out-of-date. These will be found as the 'lions' of industries, and in the forefront of the cutting edge of technologies.

Leo's faults can be as large in scale as their virtues,;

and an excessively negative Leonian can be one of the most unpleasant human beings imaginable, displaying extreme arrogance, autocratic pride, haughtiness, and excessive hastiness of temper. If jealously suspicious of rivals, they will not hesitate to use cunning, lies and trickery to discredit them. Self-centeredness, greed for flattery, boastfulness, and bombast, pomposity, snobbish superiority, and overbearing, and intolerant disdain of underlings; to whom they will nevertheless delegate the carrying out of minor details in their grandiose schemes, and from whom they are not above borrowing immoderately if an occasion necessitates it. Any of these can be characteristic of Leo. Add to them a passion for luxury, a lust for power, unlimited sexual lust, and emotional indulgence, and a character emerges that no one would want to know either in public life or private. But their pride may go before a fall, as uncontrolled impetuosity is likely to bring them low. Fortunately it is rare that a Leo is so undisciplined as to give way thoroughly to this list of vices, and their tendencies to them are usually balanced by an innate wisdom. Those who are afflicted with them also have the intelligence it takes to consciously and actively overcome them.

In professional life sunsign Leo people do well at any vocation at which there is room at the top.

As politicians they are content with nothing less than a powerful position in government. In business they may be the chairman of their company's board, or at least directors or managers. They are excellent organizers and overseers, often laying the groundwork for new projects. If from the artisan ranks of society they will aspire to become the boss, partly because they are ambitious by nature, partly because they dislike manual labor, preferring to take charge of others doing it. If artistic, Leos can become stars of stage or screen (their bent is serious rather than light drama), maestros as musicians where they will gravitate toward the grand instruments or activities, such as the organ or conducting of orchestras and as painters; anything grand in conception and scale appeals to them. Leo women make exceptionally good welfare workers.

In his or her relations with others the Leo type is open, sincere, genuine and trusting.

Outgoing, spontaneously warm hearted and plain spoken, though never lacking in kindliness, Leos are more disillusioned than the average if let down by those they trust. They are not good judges of character and are inclined to favoritism and an exaggerated faith in their followers which too often ends in disappointment. They have a strong sex drive and are so attracted to the opposite sex that they find it hard to be constant; they can be so intensely sexual as to become dissolute. They may have numerous love affairs for their love of pleasure and beauty is liable to drive them from one attractive partner to another. They are very much inclined to deceive. Their marriages may fail for the same reason, yet they are sincere and generous to their lovers while love lasts, and will remain attached to their homes so long as it is run for their benefit. They demand service but are incapable of giving it.

Possible Health Concerns...

Physiologically, Leo governs the upper back, forearms, wrist, spine and heart. Its natives are subject to a number of ailments: pain in the back and lungs, spinal complaints, diseases of the heart and blood, sickness in ribs and sides, convulsions, pleasantries, violent burning fevers including, in former days, when they were prevalent, plague, pestilence, jaundice, and some afflictions of the eyes.

  • Speculative ventures
  • Lavish Living
  • Pageantry and Grandeur
  • Children
  • Drama
  • Doing things safely
  • Ordinary,Day to day living
  • Small minded people
  • Penny pinching
  • Mean spiritedness

PROBLEMS THAT MAY ARISE FOR YOU, AND THEIR SOLUTIONS As with all sun signs, we all have unique traits to our personalities.

When these traits are suppressed, or unrealized, problems will arise. However, with astrology we can examine the problem and assess the proper solution based on the sun sign characteristics. As a Leo you may see things below that really strike home. Try the solution, you most likely will be amazed at the results. If you find yourself on the receiving end of the negatives below, it is because you are failing to express the positive.

Problem: Getting all upset and angry with others when things do not go the way you fully expected them too. This kind of reaction to a problem is what causes a lot of marital discord and unhappiness.
Solution: You should never base all of your expectations on what you should get, but rather base them on what you can give to, or do, for those who are in your sphere of influence. You will find you have a more peaceful and happy home if you do this.

Problem: You are sometimes your own worst enemy, especially so when you are striving for attention in such obvious ways that you turn off the very people you sought to impress.
Solution: The first place to start is to stop trying to gain attention; give people the chance to notice the real you. Decide what it is that impresses you and you will then know what to do to impress others.

Problem: Egotism, to the extent that you may be the Leo who thinks no one is quite as good at things as you are and the people around you are made to feel small through your habit of comparison.
Solution: What the higher minded Leo has is a sense of self worth and of greatness, this is corrupted when you let the ego get out of hand so you should learn to walk tall by looking up to those that are 'taller' than you are.

Problem: Losses in income from unwisely speculating which leads to financial ruin, as well as possible personal losses of family and friends due to a lack of concern for their financial welfare.
Solution: You should always investigate all investments well before they are made, then talk it over with your spouse as to how hard the budget can be hit, before you spend the first dime.

Your ruling planet is the SUN
The sun is your ruling planet

The Sun is our nearest star and the source of energy for life on Earth. It is about 150 million km away (93 million miles), a distance which sunlight covers in 8 minutes, whereas the distance to the moon is only 1.3 light-seconds. The Sun is about 300,000 times heavier than Earth and rotates around its axis (as viewed from the orbiting Earth) in about 27 days.

Some more interesting facts about your sign:

THe lion

The male lions are not particularly good hunters, the main work is done by the females when the male drives the prey in the direction where they are hiding, although the males insist on eating their share before the females. Hunting occurs at night or cooler times of day, the hotter hours are spent resting in the shade. Only males grow a mane, which can take up to 5 years to fully develop.

The color of choice for Leo is GOLD

Your starstone is ruby

Your starstone is the rich red RUBY

Known as a stone of nobility. It can improve success in controversies and disputes, encouraging gentleness and discouraging violence. Excellent shielding stone to protect you from bodily harm. Encourages one to follow bliss.


There is, and always have been, a controversy over "starstones".Starstones are NOT birthstones. I give you here in these pages the stones that are called your starstones, (planet stones), which viberates the strongest to your planet or sign, NOT to the month that you were born. I would also like it if those who think they know precisely what their stone is to go to the library and reference some good Astrology books such as 'Parkers Astrology'. Sorry for the confusion, but confusion over this topic has raged for hundreds of years

Some Famous Leo people That Share Your Sign!

1865 - Max Heindel - Occultist

July 23, 1834 - James Gibbons - Ecclesiatic

July 24, 1895 - Robert Graves - Writer

July 24, 1897 - Amelia Earhart - Pilot

July 24, 1900 - Zelda Fitzgerald - Jazz Age Figure

July 24, 1902 - Alexandre Dumas - Writer

July 25, 1853 - David Belasco - Producer

July 25, 1887 - Florence Entwhistle - Photographer

July 26, 1856 - George B. Shaw - Writer

July 26, 1875 - Karl G. Jung - Psychiatrist

July 26, 1885 - Andre Maurois - Writer

July 26, 1894 - Aldous Huxley - Writer

July 26, 1903 - Estes Kefauver - Politician

July 26, 1943 - Mick Jagger - Musician

July 26, 1956 - Dorothy Hamill - Sports Figure

July 26, 1940 - Mary Jo Kopechne - Fatality

July 27, 1723 - Joshua Reynolds - Artist

July 27, 1906 - Leo Durocher - Sports Figure

July 27, 1948 - Peggie Fleming - Skater

July 28, 1635 - Robert Hooke - Scientist

July 28, 1878 - Guy Ballard - Religious Leader

July 28, 1929 - Jacqueline Kennedy - First Lady

July 28, 1948 - Sally Struthers - Actress

July 28, 1949 - Vida Blue - Baseball Star

July 29, 1905 - Clara Bow - Actress

July 29, 1905 - Dag Hammarskjold - Statesman

July 29, 1907 - Mevin Belli - Attorney

July 29, 1924 - Robert Horton - Actor

July 29, 1934 - Stanton Friedman - Physicist

July 29, 1938 - Benito Mussolini - Dictator

July 29, 1949 - Marilyn Quayle - V.P. Wife

July 29, 1928 - Peter Jennings - Newscaster

July 30, 1818 - Emily Bronte - Writer

July 30, 1863 - Henry Ford - Industrialist

July 30, 1930 - Joan Negas - Astrologer

July 30, 1947 - A. Schwarzennegger - Actor

July 30, 1956 - Anita Hill - Celebrity

July 30, 1956 - Delta Burke - Actress

July 31, 1931 - Milton Freeman - Economist

July 31, 1946 - Wesley Snipes - Actor

August 1, 1779 - Frances Scott Key - Attorney/Songwriter

August 1, 1819 - Herman Melville - Writer

August 1, 1866 - Claude Bragden - Architect

August 1, 1933 - Dom Deluise - Actor

August 1, 1936 - Yves St. Laurent - Designer

August 1, 1942 - Jerry Garcia - Musician

August 2, 1832 - Henry S. Olcott - Theosophist

August 2, 1905 - Myrna Loy - Actress

August 2, 1921 - Ira Progoff - Psychologist

August 2, 1924 - Carroll O'Connor - Actor

August 14, 1944 - Robyn Smith - Jockey

August 14, 1946 - Susan Saint James - Actress

August 14, 1969 - Magic Johnson - Sports Figure

August 15, 1769 - Napoleon - Emperor

August 15, 1872 - Sri Aurobindo - Religious Leader

August 15, 1879 - Ethel Barrymore - Actress

August 15, 1885 - Edna Ferber - Writer

Auguat 15, 1892 - Louis de Broglie - Physicist

August 15, 1913 - Menachem Begin - Prime Minister

August 15, 1950 - Princess Anne - Royalty

August 15, 1923 - Rose Marie Guy - Comedienne

August 15, 1944 - Linda Ellerbee - Newscaster

August 16, 1888 - T.E. Lawrence - Adventurer

August 16, 1928 - Ann Blyth - Actress

August 16, 1930 - Frank Gifford - Sports Figure

August 16, 1946 - Leslie Ann Warren - Actress

August 16, 1953 - Kathie Lee Gifford - TV Personality

August 16, 1960 - Timothy Hutton - Actor

August 17, 1786 - Davey Crockett - Frontiersman

August 17, 1876 - George Llewellyn - Astrologer

August 17, 1943 - Robert De Niro - Actor

August 18, 1834 - Marshall Fields - Entrepreneur

August 18, 1917 - Casper Weinberger - Politician

August 18, 1922 - Shelley Winters - Actress

August 18, 1927 - Rosalyn Carter - First Lady

August 18, 1933 - Roman Polanski - Director

August 18, 1936 - Robert Redford - Actor

August 18, 1952 - Elayne Boosler - Comedienne

August 18, 1952 - Patrick Swayze - Actor

August 18, 1969 - Christian Slater - Actor

August 19, 1743 - Mme. Du Barry - Courtesan

August 19, 1870 - Bernard Baruch - Entrepreneur

August 19, 1882 - Cocoa Chanel - Designer

August 19, 1902 - Ogden Nash - Poet

August 19, 1924 - Phylis Schlafly - Celebrity

August 19, 1931 - Willy Shoemaker - Jockey

August 19, 1940 - Jill Saint John - Actress

August 19, 1946 - Bill Clinton - President, USA

August 19, 1948 - Tipper Gore - V.P. Wife

August 20, 1930 - Mario Bernardi - Conductor

August 20, 1946 - Conning Chung - Newscaster

August 21, 1906 - Count Basie - Musician

August 22, 1904 - Deng Xiaoping - Political Figure

August 21, 1936 - Wilt Chamberlain - Sports Figure

August 21, 1938 - Kenny Rodgers - Singer

August 21, 1950 - Arthur Bremer - Criminal

August 21, 1962 - Mathew Broderick - Actor

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