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VIRGO goes best with Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio.

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Taurus with Aries Aries
This combination is strikingly similar to Aries with Gemini, and that you should get along very well. Not a bad combination. More information on the left.
Taurus with Taurus Taurus
Taurus and Virgo will work out very very well together if Taurus can consider Virgo's tendency to critique to just be a fact of life. Tap on the left for more details.
Taurus with Gemini Gemini
If you're expecting continual bliss and happiness this is not a great combination, even though Mercury rules both signs this may prove to be too much in the long haul. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Cancer Cancer
Virgo is quite demanding and may be a bit too much for Cancer because Cancer desires a lot of peace. Virgo has a very direct approach to things and it can be too much for Cancer. More information on the left.
Taurus with Leo Leo
It is a very good chance that the two will have a happy relationship Virgo's tendency to be critical might hamper Leo's pride a bit, but with work it can all work out. Find out more on the left.

Taurus with Virgo Virgo
This is an extremely hard combination to make, the two will be at each of the throut most of the time if they don't make a really strong effort to work together. More information on the left.
Taurus with Libra Libra
This is another combination that will have a lot of trouble finding marital bliss. There is one thing that Libra cannot handle and that is criticism and Virgo is apt to deal it out. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Scorpio Scorpio
The combination of Virgo and Scorpio sometimes belongs to the mutual admiration society! The Virgo mind is very fascinating and mysterious, The intriguing Scorpio will find it nice to deal with. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with SagittariusSagittarius
Sagittarius people love their freedom, and change may prove too much for the meticulous Virgo. The difference here is like night and day, they will have a hard time getting along together. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with CapricornCapricorn
They're both exacting in nature, and they are both very logical. This can be a good match if they don't find it too boring. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with AquariusAquarius
Aquarius has a few too many surprises for the conservative Virgo. There is a marked difference between the two, but they both want what is best for each other in the long run. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Gemini Pisces
Even though Pisces is the very opposite of Virgo, they actually tend to get along really well. I guess sometimes opposites really do attract. Find out more on the left.

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