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ARIES goes best with Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.

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Aries with Aries Aries
Two dominant signs living together, there's bound to be trouble but it could work. Read the details on the left to find out more.
Aries with Taurus Taurus
A really good match! They go good together. Read the details to find out more.
Aries with Gemini Gemini
Not that great of a match, but with a lot of work and understanding it can happen. tap to the left to find out more.
Aries with Cancer Cancer
Not the best hookup in the world but it can work. You can expect a lot of misunderstandings, but use of patience will prevail in the end. Tap left for more.
Aries with Leo Leo
This can be a great combination with both sides being able to take up each other's emotional Slack, but they are both Alpha, so that should be looked at. More information on the left.
Aries with Virgo Virgo
Very similar to the Aries with Gemini above, they're not that great of a match, but it can work if they can learn to deal with each other's idiosyncrasies. More information on the left.
Aries with Libra Libra
This is a very strong relationship, and can make for a welcome home for the both of them. left for more.
Aries with Scorpio Scorpio
Since there's not much room for two dominant leaders in a relationship, this is not the best of matches. Details on the left.
Aries with SagittariusSagittarius
This is one of the better combinations, and can last for a very long time, the synastry is good and so is the chemistry. Tap the left for more details.
Aries with CapricornCapricorn
This is not a very hopeful combination. Saturn represented by father time is the Capricorn standard-bearer. Capricorns are patient and too much laid back for an Aries. More on the left.
Aries with AquariusAquarius
Unpredictable Aquarian will get on the Aries person's nerves and sparks will usually fly, very hard relationship. More on the left
Aries with Gemini Pisces
This is a rather mild relationship, it can work but it's not the best in the world. more on the left.

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