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CAPRICORN goes best with Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces.

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Taurus with Aries Aries
Not a very good combination. Capricorns are traditionally the laid-back type of person and very easy going. Aries people are too impatient to cope with the slow and methodical plotting of the typical Capricorn. More on the left.
Taurus with Taurus Taurus
Even if both partners have a good understanding of each other's personality this can be a very complicated marriage. Capricorn may seem a bit cold and aloof at times but the warmth of Venus will soon melt the exterior. More info on the left.
Taurus with Gemini Gemini
The inherent need to communicate for Gemini can get a quick bog down under the influence of a Capricorn. It's not all bad but there are complementary factors at play that can help them get along. More information on the left.
Taurus with Cancer Cancer
These two seem to be total opposites, but believe it or not they can get along if they try. You won't find a lot of people matched up with these two signs, but when you do they tend to work out. More information on the left.
Taurus with Leo Leo
This pair would not form the ideal basis for marriage on the surface. But there is a lot to work underlying it all, so they may just have a chance after all. More info on the left.
Taurus with Virgo Virgo
These two signs are very similar and are highly compatible. This is a very good match for Capricorn, and you will find them in many long-term relationships. More info on the left.
Taurus with Libra Libra
Unless Capricorns open up a bit and bear their inner souls, they will have a problem with their Libra counterparts. Libra's are a lot more open, and expect the same from thier partner. More information on the left.
Taurus with Scorpio Scorpio
Capricorn can be very disagreeable when they become frustrated and Scorpio people would have to use the sting of their barb to move the Capricorn from a set course. More info on the left.
Taurus with Sagittarius Sagittarius
There are differences between the conservative and outgoing Capricorn, and the risk-taking adventurer that is the Sagittarius. They can get along as long as they can deal with the idiosyncrasies of each other. More information on the left.
Taurus with CapricornCapricorn
This is considered to be an extremely good matchup. They can last for long durations without fights or disagreements, and seemed to have almost a psychic understanding of the other person. More info on the left.
Taurus with AquariusAquarius
Aquarius people do not like confinement or restriction and may feel refined and constricted by Capricorn as long as the Capricorn is aware of this, and tries not to do this, they can work out pretty good. More information on the left.
Taurus with Gemini Pisces
Being understanding and sympathetic Capricorn estimate will find Pisces and their steady going temperament just what they need for one another. They are both very practical, and they admire each other's practical ways. More info on the left.

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