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LEO goes best with Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra.

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Taurus with Aries Aries
Usually a pretty good combination of both people being emotional and their personalities. Leo will tend to dominate, or at least try to, their Aries mate. find out more on the left.
Taurus with Taurus Taurus
These two make a great combination because they tend to understand each other's faults and strengths. They both love strong, and have a deep intuition into each other's feelings. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Gemini Gemini
These two on the surface appear to be unsuited for each other. On the surface they have great attraction for one another, but underneath they seem to have a lot of personality conflicts. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Cancer Cancer
This is a pretty good combination. astrologically they should be a perfect match, but sometimes they tend to have trouble figuring out which one of them is in charge. Check out more details on the left.
Taurus with Leo Leo
Most of the time this is a really great match, but sometimes it is not always true. Leo's are positive people and love to be the center of attention, and they want to be the head of any social activity. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Virgo Virgo
This is a good chance for a really good relationship, as long as Leo can overlook Virgos tendency to criticize and forego is willing to take pride in Leo's accomplishments. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Libra Libra
Libra’s sensitive nature, and Leos strong personality, tend to make this matchup a difficult one indeed. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Scorpio Scorpio
Two strong personalities joined together, can make sparks fly. They have a lot of things in common with Leo being a leader as well as Scorpio's ability to follow a good leader. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with SagittariusSagittarius
This makes for a great combination almost all of the time. People say that fire can be fought with fire, and it seems to fit with these two signs, with little exceptions. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with CapricornCapricorn
The sometimes slow Capricorn may prove to be a bit too much for the carefree nonchalant nature of Leo. Leo forgives and forgets most of the time, but Capricorn is also the one that can do the same. More on the left.
Taurus with AquariusAquarius
This pair up of the Sun and Uranus is most of the time a good one. Leo likes pleasant surprises and Aquarius people will be happy to give it to them. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Gemini Pisces
Leo’s strong temperament may be a bit too much for the sensitive and subtle Pisces. Pisces has a lot of resilience, and can take on the changing moods of any partnership. Read more at the left.

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