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CANCER goes best with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo.

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Cancer with Aries Aries
These two are usually hard to match up, they butt heads in a lot of ways. But if they both love each other enough, they can work out their differences and lead happy lives together. Check out more information on the left.
Cancer with Taurus Taurus
This is a pretty good combination, as cancer likes a good home with a lot of affection. The lack of drama and straightforwardness is what Taurus is looking for. more details on the left.
Cancer with Gemini Gemini
While cancer tends to be the homebody, Gemini is the one out hitting the clubs and looking for a good time. Seldom will these two make a good match, but sometimes the chemistry is right, and when they click it is a good thing. More details on the left.
Cancer with Cancer Cancer
This combination is a really good one, and they consider each other lucky that they found each other. Each one can give sympathy and consideration to the other and have no problems with trusting one another deeply. Find out more on the left.
Cancer with Leo Leo
When these two get together Sparks will fly, because Leo has a huge heart with lots of forgiveness and cancer sometimes can be hard to deal with. find out more on the left.
Cancer with Virgo Virgo
Virgo may be a bit too demanding for cancer, and the full strong libido of cancer may be a bit too much for Virgo. but with work they can get along and make it happen. Find out more on the left.
Cancer with Libra Libra
There are fundamental differences between these two, that deal with temperament and state of mind. Can be a very hard match to make, but like with any matchup, given enough work it can happen. More details on the left.
Cancer with Scorpio Scorpio
A very good match, these two complement each other's strengths and help each other deal with their weaknesses. These two tend to stay together for a long length of time and can overcome great obstacles together. Find out more on the left.
Cancer with SagittariusSagittarius
One is a water sign, the other is a fire sign, this makes for an interesting combination! They will have their differences, and their share of troubles, but in the end if they work at it, they can stick it out. Find out more on the left.
Cancer with CapricornCapricorn
Even though astrologically, these two are not meant to be together, they can make it work if they try really hard. Don't be discouraged if you find yourself in this situation, with love all things are possible! Find out more on the left.
Cancer with AquariusAquarius
These two make a pretty good match, even though it may not be the best match in the world, any astrological positioning that may impede them is not too great to overcome. More details on the left.
Cancer with Gemini Pisces
This is a great combination! Marriage and children, good jobs and happiness oh, great vacations and a lot of love! This is what you can expect from a Cancer and Pisces relationship. Details on the left.

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