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GEMINI goes best with Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.

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Gemini with Aries Aries
This is one of the best matches for your sign, even though the detail page might not reflect this, it is true. It will take a lot of work but the density of the fabric of the relationship is what makes it one of the best matches. More on the left.
Gemini with Taurus Taurus
This is kind of like The Odd Couple, but it can work out. You'll find that being supportive of the others idiosyncrasies will be the key. More on the left.
Gemini with Gemini Gemini
With the Gemini's love for Change and variety it will keep the relationship going, since you both share the same sunsign, this is really not too bad of a match. More on the left.
Gemini with Cancer Cancer
The Cancer sign person tends to be a homebody and the Gemini might find this too hard to deal with. However they can get along as long as they try. More on the left.
Gemini with Leo Leo
On the surface this appears to be a very bad combination. They will both struggle with each other's idiosyncrasies, and finding common ground might be difficult to acquire. However with work, love, and patience, it can work out. Find out more on the left.
Gemini with Virgo Virgo
This is a so-so combination, Gemini's desire for change, and Virgo’s logical steadfastness, will cause some inner conflicts. More details on the left.
Gemini with Libra Libra
This is a great combination! When these two signs get together they tend to stay together for a very long time, and live happy lives. More details on the left.
Gemini with Scorpio Scorpio
Another pretty good combination are these two. the traits of both of these signs tend to complement one another most of the time, but be cautious that one doesn't influence the other too much. More details on the left.
Gemini with SagittariusSagittarius
These to find that most of the time they can agree on things, as long as they are well thought-out and discussed in depth beforehand. They make great best friends, and sometimes fantastic mates. find out more on the left.
Gemini with CapricornCapricorn
Gemini will get along great with Capricorn as long as Gemini will give Capricorn the room 2 go go go, which is Capricorns nature. More details on the left.
Gemini with AquariusAquarius
The caring humanitarian Aquarius, will find a nice home with their Gemini counterpart. Uranus being the ruling planet of Aquarius, will match up well with Geminis nature. Find out more on the left.
Gemini with Gemini Pisces
Your freedom as a Gemini will be greatly restricted by the controlling Pisces. It will be hard to find the happiness that you desire being with this mate, unless things are worked out between the two of you. Find out more on the left.

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