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SCORPIO goes best with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn.

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Taurus with Aries Aries
This combination is not an ideal match because they both want to be in charge. Mars dominates both signs, and it makes for some very explosive arguments and similar types of problems. More information on the left.
Taurus with Taurus Taurus
If they can overcome their jealousies, these two signs can get along really well. They tend to admire one another, and they complement each other's work. More information on the left.
Taurus with Gemini Gemini
Scorpio tends to be jealous and possessive when it comes to being around a Gemini. Geminis will find this hard to deal with, so this is not the ideal matchup. Left for more info.
Taurus with Cancer Cancer
The masterful Scorpio will make a good mate with a quiet and easy-going Cancer. Excessive energy possessed by the Scorpio can be very beneficial in the relationship. More info on the left.
Taurus with Leo Leo
These two have a lot in common and go very well together as long as they can control their quarreling, and learn to build a deep respect for one another. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Virgo Virgo
Virgo has a lot of respect for Scorpios ability to analyze many situations, which is also a common trait with Virgo. Having a lot in common means they will get along really well. More information on the left.
Taurus with Libra Libra
Libra tends to admire Scorpio, and Scorpio sex drive is everything Libra wants! There is a lot to recommend about these two being in a union because they have so much in common. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Scorpio Scorpio
This can be a pretty good match both of them share an understanding of each other's inherent traits simply by being around each other. They're both dominant possessive and have jealous temperaments, but these things can be worked out. More information on the left.
Taurus with SagittariusSagittarius
Both Scorpio and Sagittarius tend to be alpha people. They have a hard time getting along because they have a hard time deciding who is in charge. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with CapricornCapricorn
This is kind of tough to analyze. Scorpio has a strong and powerful personality, Capricorn may clash with this fighting will be common. Find out more on the left.
Taurus with AquariusAquarius
This is not a good matchup, a combination of these two many times ends up with them getting into unpleasant situations . Find out more on the left.
Taurus with Gemini Pisces
This is the stuff one night stands are made of. Many times they can hit it off really well when they first meet. The magic dies really fast between these two however, long-term relationships suffer. Find out more on the left.

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